Who Are You?

(From Jan. 31, 2014)

I was in an apartment by a window, with open vertical white blinds, looking outside. I was looking down, and saw a woman sitting on a (iron?) bench below. She was wearing shades. She smiled, she moved. Did she see me? I hear music playing. I walked over to where it was and looked down to see what the song was. It was an old-time player. An 8-track? I then went into the bedroom where everything there was white. We had money, so we had a small hallway of closets leading to the bathroom. I am in the hallway, and start hearing voices. I back up to my right, and as I do so, I see my wife walking toward me. Does she see me? She must not have because she continued walking, turning to my right, in front of the closets. She is short, petite, short blondish looking hair just starting to show her age (50’s?), with a hint of a New York / Jersey accent. And feisty. She is telling someone that the bathroom is straight ahead through the hallway. I then see him. He is tall, muscular looking. Could’ve been a middleweight (?) bodybuilder. He has no shirt. His chest is oiled a bit. He is wearing a dark vest looking thing with gold embellishments all over. It looks thick like a boxer’s title belt. I take a step and ask, “Who are you?” He seems confused. I ask again. I then tell him that I am her husband. I see in his face his spirit fall somewhat. I say to him, “I see that bothers you.” He perks up a bit as my wife walks back over, her back to me, waving her arms in front of her, her head bent down just a tad. He is telling her that that doesn’t bother him, and that he still wants to be with her. She says that it doesn’t matter now.

While dreaming, I was working on a dream, telling someone what I saw. I saw dry ice on a small stage, or I just saw a small portion of the stage, with a ladder rising above the ice. It seems there may have been writing in between the steps of the ladder. The ice was portraying clouds.

(From Jan. 30, 2014)

Amy, professionally dressed in a skirt), and in a professional manner, gave me a bill that needed to be signed that wasn’t even mine. I signed it Regina Rasta. I hoped she wouldn’t notice, and she didn’t look before putting it back in a folder with other papers.

My grandma (not real life one) did not want a cousin to marry an Arabian she was scheduled to marry.

A pooped out a lot.

I was in a little town / mountain community in a car to watch the fireworks go off that night. I was at a dead-end street with some others, who were also in their vehicles, who came along also to watch. I awoke early the next morning around 5. I was dumping some ice from several fast food restaurant cups I had, several minutes apart. I wasn’t in the passenger seat, but somehow I was dumping them on the passenger side. Both times, the straw got dumped also. One of the guys who had come along was parked parallel to me. As I was dumping the ice, I was hoping that he wasn’t seeing the straws. I sensed he was talking to someone else who was outside of the vehicle.

I turned the car on, not looking, to roll down the windows. When I finally faced front, I saw that the car had managed to start moving, and was about to go down a hill. I had my foot on a pedal, but nothing was happening. There was a cop on the right side of the street. i was hoping he didn’t see, which he didn’t. I finally realized that my foot wasn’t on the brake, but on another pedal. I then switched to the brake pedal, and the car started slowing down. At one point during this, the car turned into a bike(?), and I was strapping on the seat belt. A blondish dog had crossed the road also.

After I got the car slowing down, I wanted to stop and ask which road went to the freeway, seeing that the one I was on kept going straight, and curving a bit to the right, and another road on my left up a hill a bit, was parallel and then curved to the right. As I kept going though, I noticed the road on top connected to the road I was on where they both curved.

When I got to the bottom of the hill, there were some stores / shops. One of them was going to have a presentation this morning, and I had thought I was going to miss it because of it being held in the morning (I sleep late), but saw that I hadn’t missed it because of waking up early. As I was standing outside, one of the workers was looking at me, and touching my face. She mentioned that if I were to use some yoga products on my face, my skin would smoothen out. I smiled, not saying anything, but thinking that I already knew that, and if I had had the money, I would be using those products.

She saw some wisps of hair in front that was loose, and wanted to braid a small braid. I showed her that I had already had it in a braid and had recently taken the braid out, as seen by the crimps still in the air.

When inside the shop, there were some women looking at some jewelry there for purchase. They were to the right after walking in, against the corner walls. There was a table in front of the jewelry. A woman was sitting on the left ledge, facing these women, leaning only a bit to her left because of another woman sitting at the table behind her. One of the women looking at the jewelry asked if there was lead in the jewelry, and the woman sitting on top of the table, said, “yes, there is a bit of lead in them. Yes, there was lead.”

There was another woman there who looked a bit bohemian with her long hair in medium / small braids, and from underneath, brought up to her head. She was also wearing “Jackie O.” sunglasses on top of her head. Some of her friends came inside, asking her, in a foreign language I had never heard of before, to go with them. She politely said no.

The young owner, late 20’s, then had her presentation. She was saying how in the mornings, she goes outside, in the front, to a circle / square (there for everyone, and she silently says her prayers to God, and sometimes when she finishes, he communes back to her. Sometimes she ends up saying, “there’s more?”

As she was saying this, I was looking at her hands and didn’t see any sign of being married. I did see what could’ve been a small tattoo on the inside of one of her left hand fingers.

Also, as she was saying this, she was constantly staring at me. Near the end, I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable about this because I don’t like being constantly stared at, and also because I wasn’t the only one there.

After she finished speaking, someone had asked her for something, so she turned around and started walking to the back of her. She was holding someone’s baby (6 – 7 months) on her left hip. I noticed that something was wrong with her left leg as she walked. From the point at the top of her leg, it bent to the left so that she was leaning to the right, but her body was straight. (If that makes any sense.) There was another woman walking alongside her on her right.


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