In Honor

As I was going outside to the backyard, about 3 horses (one of them white) came running up the hill that was there to tell me about another horse that was in trouble / danger. That was the reason why I was going out, so I told them that I knew.

As I started down the hill, I saw, to the left of me, a horse that was standing on a branch of a tree, and starting to sweat because of being there for a while, as I had forgotten about it. (It had gotten there in a previous episode of the dream, but was a reindeer at first, and was lying on it’s back.) I looked below the branch, and saw dirt / ground a couple of feet below, but didn’t want the horse to step down because I wanted to make sure it was actually there first, and not a trick on my eyes.

Ali’s students, from the last several years, got together and made bricks, stamping / carving their names in them. They put the bricks together along a sidewalk of a busy street in honor of him. I noticed some bricks had more than one name on them, and there were several Middle Eastern, and Oriental names.

Ali told me he’s going to pray that I get pregnant tonight, and I asked him why.


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