No Acknowledgement

Before sleeping, I asked who Archangel Michael is. I saw three skeleton people (kinda like that guy who is all tattooed to look like a skeleton). I sensed they were up to no good, and a bit of evil to them.

Something with horses….Aunt Barbie was upset / frustrated that a (black) guy took a certain chair to use for himself. She was telling this to a boss(?)….We were using paper clips to clip small papers together.

I was in a car with a couple other people (didn’t see them) to go somewhere. I was in the passenger seat. All of a sudden, the did a Herbie, and took over. We speedily went over a somewhat rocky / bumpy area. I was attempting to brake, using a pedal that was on my side. Nothing. The car finally came to a stop when we reached a certain building. I said that we were in San Bernardino (Ca), and that there was a pathway nearby that went to Moreno Valley (Ca). I said that I had wanted to come here, but had forgotten. A couple from church from San B. we’re going to pass by on their way to a church mission. When I had gotten inside, I saw some family members talking, not acknowledging that I had arrived.

There was a blue van of people had come for? It was backed up to where the opening was, though it was locked closed this time. I was with someone and wanted to sneak inside while the people were gone. I turned down the volume on the sound system. Somehow the car moved in reverse, curving to the left, and ended up behind the car that was next to it. I was attempting to get the van back up, wanting to put a rock behind a tire so it wouldn’t happen again. It wasn’t working. I had to leave the van behind the other car. The people were coming back, seems they were dressed somewhat professionally, and to distract them, I excitedly pointed out something to their right, and for them to go look.

(This is my 150th post.)


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