I am with a tall, trim, bald black man who is dressed well. We are out somewhere that appears to be similar to the fashion district in Los Angeles. I see some boxes (shoe?) on a shelf in the front of one of the sections (if you’ve been there, I’m sure you understand). There are some areas we don’t go toward because of a negative emanating from those areas.

I am then in a real life battle / game with zombies. I look down at the controller to kill the last one. Bright white light beams out from both eyes as he falls to the ground, and the light never leaves him. I am then in a rush to leave, and the guy I am with is confused as to why. I make sure I have my black / dark shorts and jogging pants. I don’t want to forget the little purple bag I have, but in reaching for it, I grab a white beach looking bag (shaped like the reusable bags at stores). I want to stay away from anything that has a certain triangular shape because it’s a tracker. Unknowingly, the white bag I grab has that shape at the bottom. I am feeling we need to rush back to the house because of something going on. (The first triangular shape that came to mind was the pyramid on the dollar bill.)

Semi long business building (like at the beach) with a slight ramp at either end in the back. The iron / metal, of the railing for the ramps, and some of the building, were rusted / had rusted spots. When looking from the front, there was a small, short, petite, feisty older woman, well-educated, but not snobby, telling someone to watch out because she’s trained.

I was in the Middle East, in the back of a house, making sure no one was in there because the united states military was going around shooting people. There were closets on the left, back, and right walls. Different members of this family who lived here were in each of the closets. They came out, and were frightened at first because I was an American. Somehow I conveyed to them there was no need to worry. I had them stay back here, and they each went back into their respective closets that they had come out of. I wanted to suggest they be in one closet so that they would be together, but then figured they are in the same room, but then a small feeling came that they could become separated. I then started walking toward the front of the house. A room turned into a big circular lobby. On one side was a hallway up  a couple of steps with “rooms” like at a hospital, with clear curtains. In the first “room” on the right, was an old, stinky man close to dying. I didn’t want to deal with him because he was stinky, and he was close to dying anyway. (I recognized him as the old grouchy Mexican man who was in the same room as my late husband when in a rehab center.) When it was supposed to be video, it was audio. When it was supposed to be audio, it was video. (It made sense when I was dreaming.)

There was a mansion / apartments being built attached to the right side (when looking at the front) of a Marriott hotel that was to be for sale. When I looked at it online, I didn’t care much for it, but when I saw it in person, and the surroundings, I thought to myself that I could handle it. Those who were interested in buying needed to fill out a form for a walk-thru when it would be ready in July. The form was on a clipboard such as the ones used in hospitals that are at the end of a patients bed. When I wrote my name, I wrote my first name in huge letters, leaving out a c. The last name, I started it with QRCode, and can’t remember the rest, but it seemed a bit long. I hadn’t even finished writing down a phone number before hanging the clipboard back up on the wall with the others. (The scene was darkened a bit.) I then came back later (that day?), and saw that they had gone online and had finished filling in the information, including the names of my parents.

The top guy in charge of this wanted to see the girls in a top slip / camisole, and a buzzed haircut (leaving about an inch or two). I saw one girl “sitting pretty” with the camisole over her bra, but still had her hair. I saw some silky looking camisoles hanging. I told this man I would not do as requested. I then mentioned to someone else that I would, and have, shave my hair, but not for him.

I had short hair, no longer than a foot in length, that came out in pieces. I showed some to ?, and she said not to worry.

I saw a recently born, wrapped up baby come out of a pipe (with the square edge at the end).


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