There were three couples, at least the woman, on horseback, with the men walking beside. The woman in back had recently become pregnant. They needed to stop and rest because this woman had become nauseated and needed to vomit.

I put a pug in a steel apron sink to give a bath. As soon as I started filling the sink, the water turned black. I filled it so that the pug’s head could be above water, but also underneath.

A young black girl was putting on a wig. When she faced me, and someone else, all I could see was very short bleached hair that made her look bald. She had a face like the detective in Sister Act. I immediately said, “No, no. The hair needs to be in front.” We moved the wig towards the front more, along with the strands / pieces of hair.

I had a backpack on, getting ready to leave. I was cleaning a wood table. The cleaner I was using was leaving streaks as I wiped.


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