Too small

(Basically an outline of the dreams)

I was at camp, getting ready to go home. One of the girls had hidden something (it had openings) that she had brought because if it had been found, it would’ve been taken away.

A dog that looks like my sister’s, Snowball (small, white, with curly hair), went across the street to play in the water / ocean. I didn’t know he liked to do this. I thought I would lose him because he wouldn’t come back. He did come back later, and brought a bunch of kittens along with him.

I was following a blonde puppy, not knowing where it was going. It stopped and sat down at the top of a road that was on a hill. It was a two lane road, and he sat in the middle. Even though I saw there was no traffic, I picked him up.

After grabbing him, I noticed a house on the left side of the street, that I had wanted to look at, that was for sale. (It was the kind with about two, or three steps up to a small porch with a couple of brick columns. Were they built in the 50’s?) I saw a girl sitting/ standing/ leaning on / in the porch. I didn’t go inside. Looking at it from the outside, it looked like it need some (minor) repairs / updating. Also, when looking at it, I concluded that it was too small for me.


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