(Night before I asked what the higher self was)

Misha, a wise person

I saw a square / box with the word love outside of it under the lower right corner

Rise above

I was doing laundry(?), crouching down, and realized I was naked / nude. I don’t remember if a towel was near me, or in my bedroom. I got up to get it, realizing that Ali was here. I think he saw me as I was walking, but didn’t react.

I was at Ellen‘s house for a party. Portia had to work late, so was not there. Two pizza delivery guys showed up, and I went to the door to get the pizza. I think I invited them in. When I saw Ellen, I was thinking this must be a sign to tell her about my idea, but would wait til later. (I had thought of a story line along the lines of Princess Diaries, but with a regular girl who had a bit of tomboy in her, and wanted to impress a certain guy, so she enlists the help of some drag queens to help her “become” feminine. I then thought maybe it could be a reality show, focusing on one girl per season.) In the back of her two-story house, she had colorful (think of the 60’s) doors going to different rooms. Down below was what looked like a water wheel (on a mill), but the buckets were human size, and were filled with unshelled walnuts. Several people, including me, “fell” on top of the walnuts. It was all in fun. After getting out / off, I went over to where Ellen was, having evidence of where I had been, and told her that that was where I had been.

(From Feb. 10, 2014 Ali’s Dream)

I was driving. It was snowy, and crowded. There was a truck (Nissan Titan type) coming toward us, on purpose, out of anger. Ali had his eyes closed, knowing he was about to die. I calmly said I knew what to do. On the right was snow covering something solid, with it being flat on top. With Ali’s eyes still closed, I lifted the car, and landed on the flat surface. The truck continued, causing accidents below. A police officer came over and told me to get down. I told him I wasn’t the one to be concerned about, and to pay attention to the accidents instead. I then told Ali not to speak, not to say anything to anyone. He had wanted to speak, asking who I was, and wondered how I knew he wanted to speak. We came down from the flat surface on the other side.


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