Pure Energy

(Night before I asked if I was assigned an animal at birth)

I saw myself reblogging posts on tumblr. I saw the blog name of toknow-thearabian. (I have an affinity towards draft horses, clydesdales in particular.)

I was in a room with a group of people, sitting, lying down, etc… I was looking through a newspaper / magazine, something like these, at an article about a group of men who had studied a particular energy (I had the name, but when I woke, I lost it). They assimilated it, and knew how to use the full power of it. I then “saw” them, as if I were there, at a park, walking with some 5-6 year old boys (with the boys jumping all over the guys). The boys were not theirs. I sensed that the men were average looking, since I was seeing them from the back, and some may have said they were a bit on the un-handsome side. But, they did have girlfriends.

In this group of people in this room was a mother, and a son, with a year old(?) baby in between them. There were dark bands around the baby’s armpits, and the mother and son were holding on to these, dragging the baby (unhurt) with the feet touching the ground, to someone. I mentioned to her, after seeing this, about her being to lazy to pick up the baby, and carry it. She got a bit offended, and defensive, and responded back, but I don’t remember what she said.

I was lying down in this room with a big circular disc with dimples on it (like chinese checkers). Along with it were big chocolate balls about the size of jawbreakers. I was putting these balls on the dimples, with some scraps left over. I wanted to eat a couple of them, but didn’t because of there were people there.

In the same room, I was somewhat stretched out on some chairs. I figured some of the people may have been disgusted at me, but I didn’t really care. There was a lady who had been sitting next to me on the left, but she moved over. She was talking general talk to someone sitting in front of her, leaning some towards that person. She could have been annoyed by me, but I couldn’t really tell / see.

In another part of the room was a cartoon character, muppet looking, doing “magic” by “opening” up a shower area where there had not been one, with a red curtain on a metal rod. Some of the men there (Doctors?) were looking around attempting to figure out how he did it.


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