Right Direction

I was on tumblr  looking at the pictures. I noticed a chocolate cake, and I think a purse. I didn’t keep in mind the other pictures because I figured I just needed to remember I was on tumblr.

Kyle and I were living at Sue’s. The house looked different. Kyle was Sue’s son (in dream). I was so tired in the morning, it was hard to keep my eyelids open. About noon, I decided I better get up. Kyle had his colostomy. He was wanting to have sex to get me pregnant. I was wondering how it would work with his bag.

Sue was in the kitchen, which was on an upper level. Amy was telling her to find ways for me to clean the house. I was thinking it wasn’t Amy’s place to say / suggest such things.

I was making sure a car, which was on an upper level street and had turned right, was travelling in the right / correct direction. I was on a lower level street. There were white industrial buildings in between the streets.

Your Thoughts

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