(Before I fell asleep, I asked what my soul signature was)

I saw an image of an athletic female. Cut abs. Tannish skin. Shiny a bit. Top covered her breasts, while her shorts were “bikini” shorts.

Deborah (ex-coworker), was passing out mail. A guy who sat in front of me, getting two “dollars” (looked like tickets) from the Mercedes-Benz company to go toward a trial of a rental car. He was ecstatic, as were a couple of others who were to my right. I only got something for Kyle.

Ballroom size white room for learning. Counter / desk in the back, so that the space was in front. I took some work I had finished to the / an instructor who was back at the counter. It was actor Robert Mailhouse. I also had two books with me. He had to check the books to make sure I didn’t mark in them. He saw I had marked in the first. That went against me. In checking the other, there were markings from me, but were from the previous year. He was hoping to find some more fresh ones so that I would have to come back.

He put on my bracelet, with light blue squares, on his right wrist. I thought it funny / cute that he would do that. Somehow during this, there was a connection made between us, and so there was a knowing that we were starting dating. I was still with Ali, but hadn’t heard from him in a while. I asked why he wasn’t already dating. (He was always dating, but not at this time.) He didn’t answer because he became busy checking the work of some young girls (wearing uniforms?) who had come up.

There was a t.v. on the right wall, and some Middle Eastern music came on showing people dancing to it. There was an older Middle Eastern couple there in the room who started dancing to it. I asked the instructor where in the Middle East he was from. He told me a name I had not heard of before. It was one of the border countries.

During this dancing, I saw him talking on his phone to the older gentleman dancing. I then saw the wife get in on the conversation, as if it was important.

NaDawn (lady from church during teenage years who cleaned houses) had come up to the counter. She has long hair, and some small papers get caught in the bottom of her hair as she walks away. We mention this to her. Some papers fall to the floor, and her not seeing, we point them out to her. They are next to a bottle of cleaning solution, looks like Simple Green.

It was time for the instructor to leave, and he gave me a kiss before leaving. I didn’t care who saw, and I was figuring out a reason why I didn’t. As he was leaving, I was wondering how he was going to contact me when I don’t have a phone (I don”t), and he doesn’t have any of my contact information. The doorway was behind us, opened. (Double door?) I also noticed that he was wearing a white / creme sweater, and said a bit loud, “Aren’t you hot?” He must not have heard me since he didn’t answer.

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