I saw a woman with black x’s over her nipples.

A guy was waiting for his wife / girlfriend. I don’t know what mode of transportation she took. They quickly kissed after they saw each other. Me, and someone else, teased her about kissing someone with paint on the mouth, and how does it taste.

An obese overweight girl / female was lying on her side in a public area. She had her underwear below her belly. I mentioned to her about pulling them up. She responded that you (plural) don’t have a weight issue, and therefore don’t have to worry about ours. I think I mentioned to her, or did I say it in my head?, about finding a way for her to lose the weight. She was wearing a dress? She wiped the sweat from under her belly.

I was putting a long, expensive rug on top of a Mercedes. An older woman came toward the car after shopping. I asked her if this was hers, and she replied yes. Her hair was up. I didn’t see the back, so don’t know how, but the front was lifted and combed back. She looked a bit stern, but wasn’t. She wanted to look over the rug again to make sure it was up to par. (Wording slips me. She wanted to look at the construction, look of the rug.)

A bee lands on me? It was looking at me, and I was saying to it, no. The bee slowly inserted the stinger, as if on purpose, to make a point. It didn’t hurt.


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