Sex and the City

Judy wanted me to come with her, and I wasn’t able to find a way to escape. There was a tree that I kept going up, down, around, looking for a way out.

(I had read about a possibility of a third Sex and the City movie earlier in the day.) The characters. I was in water, letting myself fall to the bottom (about two-story building depth). At first I was worried about the creatures below, but then as  got to the bottom, I relaxed. I saw a hole up top, with fish swimming across my vision. There was a water wheel. I was watching as the buckets came up, then down. Something about the fifth and sixth bucket. Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t speak for a couple of paragraphs. I was to keep an eye on ?

Polynesian women at a table, threading through white fabric (wording escapes me). I see them from the front. The woman at the head of the table on the right keeps putting her thread on the fabric of the woman sitting next to her on her right. This woman asks if she is tired.

A man moves in with an older man for a month(?). (Not as partners.) The older man tells the younger he has to eat a variety of animals for this month. The younger eats them alive. He wasn’t told he had to, but he did. I remember seeing a hamster / gerbil, and the last was a rabbit. This man was to be able to tell what the ears were good for. He was holding the rabbit, some of the fur on the cheek was missing, the right ear was missing, and then he plucked off the left with a fork. The rabbit didn’t seem stunned about this.

I was in a neighborhood with blacks, and Mexicans that was starting to be run down. I was to go into some of the houses / apartments for something, without them knowing.

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