Don’t Owe You

I found out that Randy (ex-landlord) had taken our (mine, and Kyle’s) washer and dryer. They were new, and royal blue. I went over to his house and saw them in the garage. It was around evening time. There were a couple of guys there sitting on / near the washer and dryer. Randy came running out, through the garage. As he was doing so, I yelled to him, “We don’t owe you.” I then got the camera out, but because I was so caught up with emotion, it took a while to get the camera right. When I pushed the button, nothing happened. I didn’t understand why. So, I took out the iPod, and was a bit anxious that it wouldn’t be able to zoom in enough. When I got it zoomed in as far as it would go, it was satisfactory. During the time that I was attempting to get a picture, the dryer disappeared, being sold.  But then the environment changed to being outside at a Middle School (?), with the washer and other things being lined up against a wall. At first it was hard for me to locate the washer, and then when I did, the washer had moved to a different area with the school surroundings (by the lockers?). When I finally took the picture, there was a student on top, posing sideways with the legs on the left, separated in the air like scissors, and the upper body was leaning back a bit. The scene then returned back to Randy’s house. As I was leaving, I noticed on the front lawn a couple of balls of yarn, and thinking they were mine that I had left behind, I picked them up, and as I did so, I saw a folded up quilt. I asked Randy if that belonged to his wife, and he said yes.

Jillian Michaels is standing on the floor at the corner of a boxing ring. She is talking in front of the camera, giver her “perk” /pick me up speech. It’s obvious she is reading. I am there over by the wall to her right, behind everyone. She has diagonal creases on both sides of her face going from her jaw to her cheek bones. After her speech, She has her child (about 1-year-old) in front of her on the boxing ring. She has finished doing a diaper change. She incredulously says, talking about the diaper, “Can you believe these are size 2?”

I then see the female contestants. The competition was in the last final weeks. The women were sitting around a square table, waiting to be made up. I noticed a lady on the left side, across from me, who was a “regular” size. I was wondering how big she used to be.

Another lady had on a lot of makeup, like Tammy Faye Baker. Her eyebrows also reminded me of Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of the Queen of Hearts. She was expressively moving her eyebrows up and down. It also looked like she was wearing a couple of flesh colored masks, and the layers were visible around her eyes. She was saying how she used to be a / the teacher’s pet. The other ladies were shocked that she would allow herself to be in such a low position.

This lady was then in a chair, her turn to be made up. Her masks were off, and she looked normal. She was sitting sideways in the chair with the right side over the left. She was wearing a grey tank top, so that her back and stomach were visible. I didn’t notice any fat on her back, but did see that she still had about 20-30 pounds left to go.

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