His Panic

There is a celebration happening. There are fireworks involved. I am lying down, with a muscular Hispanic man on top. We are “Hidden” from the others. His name is Anthony S(aucero?). He keeps implying, with his face, that he wants to have sex with me. I would, even though I’m still dating Ali, but am not comfortable with my body, and am unsure of what his reaction would be. I don’t say / do anything besides smile unassuredly.

Lately there have been cars found immersed under water, in all situations. Some were down far enough to be able to tell it was a car, but not what kind. The last ones I saw was a gold Cadillac, along with a regular car. They weren’t submerged for too long, less than a day? After the Cadillac had been pulled up, it had turned black, like charcoal. One of the workers who had pulled these cars up was excited at there being a Cadillac, and wanted to test to see if it worked. Someone handed him the keys.

There was a security guard, and I had torn his application, inside a white manila envelope, into four (only four in case it needed to be put back together) pieces. Some of the bosses were talking about this person, so I got worried about having torn the papers. But as they kept talking, they had found this guard to be a fraud, so I relaxed, and clipped the envelope onto a clipboard.

(These happened at a park where there were groups of people enjoying the day.)

I wanted to take a picture of some bees, and white butterflies, that were around some flowers. As I was taking the picture, the bees, and butterflies, had “exploded” into the air like a firework. The camera had zoomed in, instead of taking the whole picture, like how I wanted.

I forgot a certain bee was a bee, and wanted to pet it. It stung me, and I jumped / pulled back.

There was a young Hispanic guy, and girl (late teen, early 20’s) there who had become famous for the characters they played in a certain high school  / college play. Their characters had died at the end of the play, and were shown float walking / leaping, hand in hand, in the sky. They were both wearing white, she wearing a dress. At the park, they acted out this last scene above me, float walking / leaping, in the sky.

David Bowie was there, but he looked as he did in his Ziggy Stardust days. He was wearing shorts. He had with him an African boy (9, or 10). They were in a shaded corner, but still amongst the people. Nobody paid attention to them. The boy was standing. I saw David kneel down, and the next thing, he got back up, without using his hands. His legs were strong, but still skinny. His movements were smooth, flawless. I was thinking, while watching him, “Yep, He’s gay.” I also thought, “I wouldn’t mind adopting an African child, as long as they were young so that I don’t get a violent one.”

There was a young Hispanic boy (3?), whose mother had left the park to do something, and had left me in charge. I saw him attempting to balance on three small, squishy, blue balls. I said something to him, and he lost his balance. I kept saying I was sorry, and that I wouldn’t say anything more, that I would keep quiet, instead of just being quiet. He wasn’t able to get in balance after that.

I was carrying this boy on a pathway in the park when I passed by a group of people sitting at covered benches. I heard someone say,” Rip (R.I.P.) R.P.”, who happened to be his mother. I said to the boy that we need to find a relative, perhaps an uncle.

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