Someone had posted, on tumblr, several sets of pictures, one in comparison with the other. Someone commented how they loved one of the sets.

I’m in a helicopter, in the front left seat, flying over a mountain that is said to be where Noah landed his Ark. There are waterfalls everywhere. I was noticing how beautiful the scenery was, and thought how beautiful it must be to take a picture of the waterfalls. We flew from left to right, and after we passed, and got away from the mountain, I noticed that the mountain was sideways, with the “top” pointing to the left.

Back on the ground, I was slowly sliding down a sandy volcano crater. This crater was said to have been made from the sand taken up to create the mountain that Noah had landed on. I was crying for help, not seeing anyone. I then cried to God to help me out. On my right I then saw a man walking up. He was wearing shades. He seemed to be a worker there. I cried out to him, but he didn’t see / notice me until he had walked up and over, to ward my left, and was in front of me.

After helping me out, I looked down, and saw that if I had fallen, there was a white clearing to the right where I could’ve gotten out. As I was looking, pieces of a travel size sewing kit fell out of my pockets, and I had to step down to get them. I was thinking about the man who had just pulled me out, and that he must be thinking how he had done so, and now here I was stepping back down.

I was at some young guy’s (20’s) house in the morning. He was setting up his laptop, which he set on a table. It was an older one where the case looked like a case. (If any of you have seen Love It or List It, it looked like David’s.) After it was turned on, he stepped away to do something else. While gone, I saw, on the screen, a house being drafted within seconds. I was impressed with how quick it went. When the guy came back, I asked him what protection he uses, and he said, “OpenSky”. I had heard of that one. He then started playing a couple of games, each for only a couple of minutes, which were located in his “kids” folder. (During this time, I was sitting on a couch, to the left of the table, facing him. There was a PC to the left of me that was turned on, and showed the games he was playing. Somewhere in the room to the right of me was Greg, standing, playing one if the games on another computer.) I then laid down, closing my eyes. I think this guy wanted to mention another program he had on his computer that I had noticed, and had heard of, but seeing my eyes closed, didn’t say anything. Or maybe he was just making sounds? I made some small movements, and sound, to indicate I was awake. He didn’t say anything.

I had been away from home (how long?), and had come home to clean up from not taking a shower while gone. When I got there, I noticed that Judy, Micalanne, and Amy had move all my stuff into the smaller, narrow room next to it, and had taken my room, the bigger room. I looked into the bigger room, and saw Judy, and Amy asleep, facing away from me, their beds against the wall touching end to end, and Mic’s next to Amy’s, at a diagonal. Mic was not there. Judy had her toes painted a maroon / wine color. I cried to my mom to show her what they had done. I then went to the smaller room, big enough for two twin beds touching each other, touching the walls. My sisters had even taken the doorknob. Along with my stuff, they even brought over the drapes from the other room, which were folded, in a bag, with the little balls at the end.

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