Swanson Valley

Water on my side, dry on my family’s side

Ali and I are in what appears to be a warehouse (area). After I have finished looking at what they had, I notice Ali (half hidden) talking to someone, who is sitting, so I go look some more. Ali is still talking when I come back, so I sit, and listen to a black, curvy (hourglass looking type shape) hand-held radio. There is a song playing titled “Swanson Valley”. It’s a bit countryish. By this time, Ali has come over and sat by me. I turn down the volume, but enough so it’s still heard, and we both listen.

(March 2, 2014)

Ali had gone to the bedroom, and was sleeping.

Me, and another person, were on a bed. Someone else wanted to join, but I was concerned about them doing so. (This one is vague, and I think this is how it went.)

(From March 3, 2014)

Green grasshopper / cricket with pink legs (The Oscars were on the night before, and Pink was a singer. This is the association Ali and I came up with why the pink legs.)


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