Looking Up


Kevin (?) Wagner (Name that popped in my head. Don’t know anyone with this name.)

I was in snow (in the mountains?). It was in the morning, and I had just finished delivering newspapers(?). I walked down a hill to where a mansion was. There was a curved driveway in front of it with a curved brick wall on the other side. There were Christmas lights on the house and wall. I had on a thick blanket. I went over to the inside of the wall, and laid down next to the bricks to rest for a bit before anyone got up, and moving. After a couple of minutes, I decided I better get up in case someone saw me, and might think I was homeless. I wasn’t able to climb back up to my car?

(These are all at a school)

I am outside at a school / college. There are plastic bags on the ground. I want to help clean up, so I go to an office to ask if I can help for a bit after one of my classes. Jennifer is there in the office, and says hello to me. The lady I ask about helping responds by telling me no, and that the workers are taking care of it. I go back outside, and see the workers sitting around, or at least have a knowing that they are. I see a glass bottle, kinda shaped like the old-time bottles with the metal handle(?) through the top, pick it up to recycle, then set it back down by the building since no one else cares about the trash.

There are some gay guys at the school. One of them is walking, somewhat exaggerated, from room to room (doors are on the outside) looking for someone / thing. Bill (manager from D.I.) is a teacher in one of the rooms.

I am walking into a room, with a darkened scene, and there are several gay guys with musical instruments, encased, standing in front of me , with their backs toward me, getting ready to set up the instruments. I decide to go around them in a different direction.

Outside, a part of the parking lot is up on a grassy hill, with a couple thin trees. As I am walking below, I look up and see the old black man, who is the greeter at K-Mart, but he looks younger. He is standing at the back of his old, faded, blue car, talking to people, having fun, as he is getting ready to get in.


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