I was in the country, and saw a level building, on its own, with a sign (somewhat like the Budweiser sign, but instead of cinching in the middle, it came out on both sides) that had the words “Blue Steer” on it. Underneath the sign was an open door, the size of an auto repair shop door. The building extended to the left but didn’t pay much attention to how it looked. The surrounding land was flat, with a sense of a thin layer of straw/hay all over.

Clifford, the Big Red Dog, is a sacrifice.

I was in Bea Arthur’s two-story(?) apartment to take a shower.

I was somewhere where Mic was also. She was chipper and happy. I had a sense she might not be wearing her garments. She walked over to me and crouched down (to look at something?). I saw an outline of regular underwear, but then noticed she was wearing her top garment. I couldn’t tell/see if she had on the bottom piece.

Church services were being broadcast over the world. I was in Sunday school and mentioned to someone that it was already 5 o’ clock in Hawaii. I then thought how they would be in church from 5 – 8.

The Sunday school teacher was Dr. Bradley Nelson (?). He was talking, then his second wife got up to speak. (In the dream, his first wife had passed away. He got married to this wife within a year after, who he already knew.) She was about the same height as him, had freckles all over her face, and had “solid” weight on her ( not fluffy / soft like some women have). She mentioned how she had had a disease, getting emotional. (She mentioned the disease, but am not recalling it. I think it started with a D, and don’t believe I’ve heard of it before.) She then mentioned how her husband got her through it, loving her all the while.

I was at a table feeding people and had brought some punch to drink. One of my family looked at me un assuredly, thinking these people wouldn’t like it. I gave it to them anyway. They seemed to like it, and one of them, overweight, wanted more. I was then told not to give him more, and I responded that if a person wants, even though it’ll make them fatter, that’s their choice. I pushed more toward him.

Tom Selleck then walked in with four baby hedgehogs crawling over the top of him. One was black. He was looking for someone to take these. The people there got excited to see him.

He walked outside, still with the hedgehogs,  and there was a black man leaning on his car (there were two cars behind his, my family in the second one, curving to the right, not knowing why they were there). When he saw Tom, he got excited, and said, “You’re Magnum P. I.”, taking a couple of seconds to think of the name. He got his camera out wanting to take a picture.


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