Christmas time. I was at someone’s house, celebrating with them, and all their family. The lady’s house I was at, I was counting the children she had. She had 5 girls there, 2 of them twins, and 2 boys who were on their missions. The twins were the last, and were in their teens. They all had long hair, the older girls with darker hair, and the twins with blonde. They were all sitting around, with their backs to me, but it seems the twins were sitting sideways. The older girls were there with their own families.

Toluca, a black lab / retriever my mom used to have as a guide dog, was there, and all bundled up.

There was a small kitchen, white, about the shape of a teepee (when I wrote on paper, I wrote pyramid). One of the men, who doesn’t know how to make cookies, was attempting to make some chocolate chip ones, and then was showing others how to make them. Another man, who does know how to make them, was standing behind this man, jumping up and down, saying that he puts them outside. No one was paying attention to him, that I saw.

Dad(?), and a teenage(?) boy, are outside, bundled up, each sitting at a table that looks to be a picnic table. The tables are facing end to end, with a space in between for walking. They each have a small blue bundle of chocolate (mostly) candy. Dad is about to give me some when someone else comes out with another bundle.

(Different dream from those)

There is a room that looks similar to a radio / recording studio, but without the mic’s. There are two tables situated in a shape of an “L” with a space between them. There is a woman sitting where the angle is, somewhat bent over. She is expressing how she recently lost her great grandmother, and that either she, or someone else, is going through a life situation. Oprah, and a man, is sitting at the other table, leaning on her left on the table, saying, “Ooohh,”, etc, attempting to console her.

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