In My House

Kim Basinger recently started/put out a new line of shampoos, and conditioners. They were lined up, one behind another, face front, as if on a conveyor belt, but standing still. The bottles were see-through, with the product being a somewhat shimmery light brown, like a root beer, or cola. Alec Baldwin was there, with a mediator (didn’t see all of but seemed to be a short older woman, such as the matchmaker in Fiddler on a Roof). Alec bent over to whisper to the mediator what he wanted to say to Kim. Kim kinda scoffed it off, as if to say she was friendly, and he could tell her directly.

Someone was getting nail polish put on, but on top of some old dark polish. The lady then took a loofah looking sponge, and slowly, gently, and lightly, went from cuticle to tip.

A lady was using my dishwasher, but not for dishes. As I saw her taking out her stuff, I saw a glass drinkware of mine (I believe from Anchor Hocking with lines etched up, down, and around). I immediately grabbed it, and said, “This is mine.”

Cousin Sara

After waking, the words “In My House“, from the song sung by the Mary Jane Girls, came into my head.


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