No Worry

(Night before I asked what my life purpose is)

I was at a grassy hill, where the end had been “cut” off, attempting to pull myself up. I was grabbing spots to hold onto so I could get up. Finding a spot, I placed my palms down, and slowly, gently, pulled myself up using my arms. As I did so, I was noticing my muscles in my arms. I also felt someone from behind giving me a slight push to help me up. Also, as I was raising myself, I let out a loud noise, somewhat like a pregnant woman does, which startled those up top. Travis was there. I finally made it up.

I was walking along a sidewalk path between palm(?) trees on the right, and small, short greenery on the left. I felt something grabbing the left side of my hair. I reached back, and pulled it off, not feeling anything, but didn’t realize this til after. A couple of friends showed up, and I told them, and showed them. When I looked back to show them, I saw a rubber / plastic hand with long sharp fingernails, with half a forearm (like those sold during Halloween), moving amongst the greenery, backing up.

There were two kittens in front of me on the sidewalk. One a tabby, and looking like a grey Siamese type. The hands got hold of the tabby, and did something to it to make it vicious, and somewhat evil. The tabby attacked the other kitten. Not wanting to hurt the tabby, but not wanting the other to be hurt, I threw the tabby across a stream to a grassy hill on the other side. I picked up the grey kitten, being barely alive.

I was somewhere where Travis was also. He was there with his wife and baby boy. He didn’t want to be too close around me, or look at me figuring he would give his feelings away toward me, and his wife would know.

We were somewhere sitting, as if waiting for a movie to start. There were also others there as well, and everyone was conversing while waiting. At one point, I decided to jog / run “away” toward home on that sidewalk path. I was thinking how Travis could be watching, and he would be impressed at me being active like that. Along the path, after going past a right corner, there was a darkness. I sensed there was nothing good about it, and not too sure about what could be in there, I turned around.

I went back to where the people were. Now I saw people on beds in a circular side room at a baseball stadium. They could sleep, or watch the game. I was thinking it must be expensive to get in there. I then saw myself in there, as well as Travis, with his family. He allowed himself to get in closer approximation to me. He looked at me in the eye for a second, and the connection was there. I finally saw his wife up close, and noticed that she wasn’t too pretty, and was short.

I saw the back of a spiral notebook Travis had with him. My name was on there, along with his son’s. My first name, Becky, was on one line, and the line below that had Pederson Jackson.

I was thinking Travis must be feeling guilty, knowing that I was the one.

I was in line, face front, with about three other people, one of them an older woman. She said something about not having to worry.

I asked Ali’s nephew, who I met for the first time yesterday, “Who does that belief(?) belong to?”


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