Time Is Up

I was running through an open field, about the length of a football field, but a bit wider. There was a certain section Ali didn’t want me to go through.

I was walking, with hands on hips, swaying them back and forth. Someone, a guy?, playfully pointed out how I was walking, and that my hands were on my hips. For a second I considered walking normal, but went with it, and kept walking how I was.

Ali and I were somewhere where a lady was reading a small portion of a classic. (Kinda seems it may have been a Jane Austen?) When we got there, she only had a couple of pages left. I was telling Ali how I thought he may enjoy it. We were in the back right corner (when facing the woman reading), and were kissing quietly as not to disturb the others from listening. We were sideways to her, my right and Ali’s left. I was imagining that the lady behind Ali might be thinking how nice it is to see affection.

I was watching myself from behind, at a different spot, with Ali. My body was a bit wider, my butt, and legs also, and my stomach popped out a bit more. I wasn’t too happy about the way I looked, but realized that Ali was still with me, and loved me.

I’m at a post office to check up on my mom’s package. This wasn’t an ordinary post office. To the left, and straight ahead, were desks with chairs with computers, for checking on ones packages, and for checking ones math. To the right of the desks in front was a table with computers. A young female (20’s) worker was at one of the computers at the table, about in the middle, practicing something before her shift started at 2. A lady manager, sitting at a front desk to the left of the table, mentioned that those on the computers, their time was up, and time for work. The young girl got up, and placed her things at a desk behind(?) the manager. I was thinking how time must go by fast for her working here. She seemed to be enjoying it there. 

In another section there, there was a big / overweight Mexican man using a big calculator that was there. He kept going over his calculations either because he wasn’t getting it, or because he wanted to stand there, not respecting the fact that others may want to use it. Seems it was the latter.

The wall on the right had hooks(?) at the top, with people walking across the top, bending down to see what was in the hooks.

I had been standing the whole time, with no one acknowledging that I was there. I had thought about just going over to a computer on my own, but didn’t, and don’t recall why.

(Ali’s Dream)

There some guys, who play loud bass, at the house, unplugging and stealing some of Ali’s equipment. One of them looked like Jay-z. Someone said that one of the pieces they took had the sound they were looking for. I told Ali to chase after them, and that I don’t want to hear that music. Ali had a machine gun / weapon, and was using it. The cops, and helicopters, eventually showed up. Ali and I hid in some tall grass, wearing khaki’s. He was lying behind me. I told him not to breathe, and that it was easy to do, or the police dogs will hear us. He was doing his best at it. Finally the cops went after the guys, catching and handcuffing them. Ali, and I then walked away being unharmed from bullets flying.

(Ali’s Dream from March 16, 2014)

There were cockroaches, termites, and raccoons in the house, and that the old grumpy neighbor had placed them here. I was telling Ali that we need to kill them before they spread. We did. Don’t know about the raccoons.)


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