Contest Is Over

WWII….Germany….Hitler….Present Day….German word (don’t know if an actual word).

I’m in a spacious white retail store. Inventory is minimum, but will be restocking over the weekend. A female worker takes me over to some (about 5?) large pastel(?) dresses that are hanging from the ceiling. She shows me one in front.

In the back of the store, inventory is also down to a minimum, but is also getting restocked over the weekend (of course).

The store had been having a contest, handing out ?, but was now over. There are two left over, up on the wall “in” their own square. The squares are white, made of ?, outlined on the wall (like pipes).

Back on the main floor, I am able to go up to the ceiling, with the help of?, and move around. The others were in a bit of awe at me being able to do so. I told my mom that she needed to close whatever it was that she had open So that I don’t tip it over. It was a red / burgundy color liquid. I finally come down, and then attempt to go back up, climbing a white pole, but my arm muscles are tired from the first time.

We were inside because it was too hot outside.

My grandma wanted to use this bathroom instead of another.

Alan Alda

Children’s toys, and feeling warm.

A can of ? rolls down some ramps.


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