Obstructed Picture

Copy, and Paste

There’s a hill with small black puppies. I have taken a couple home. One day when driving by, I am in the back of a truck with my legs hanging over the tailgate. A puppy sees us pass, and runs out to the street and follows. I pick him up. I am actually on my way to work, and am not sure what to do with the puppy, but circumstances arise that I am able to take him home.

Couple other times passing by the hill there are a couple of baby deer curled up. One time with a puppy between them, and I am showing / pointing out to someone where the puppy is, but they are not seeing.

The last time going by, there is another animal curled up somewhat that I’m not sure if it’s a red fox. Seems it may have a white “mask”. In the dream I also considered it being a badger, but knew it couldn’t be.

I am walking on a street on a hill. I walking downhill with a puppy. I point out to someone where the hill is that the puppies are at, being visible from where we are, being at the bottom of the street.

I continue walking, and see a woman with her own dog at her house about to go on a walk. The puppy goes over to check out the dog.

I went to a food place where Stephanie (ex-coworker) works. The bus group from U. Q. Sunnymead (Moreno Valley, Ca). Stephanie and I are excited to see them. Lorena (Director Assistant) is with them. I ask her if Stephanie and I are able to help out (since we don’t work there anymore). She says no. Someone has their seatbelt undone, and Stephanie clicks it back, no one saying anything to her, but have “those” faces . I noticed Jeff, one of the consumers, wasn’t there and asked where he is. Seems I may have asked where someone else was also.

I tell a female who has had a sex change that she is still a girl.

Someone asked me what was up with the bruise on my right knee. I said that I didn’t have one. Looking down, I see a brilliant, colorful picture on the left side of my knee. As I continue to look at it, it moves to my thigh, covering all. The picture changed, being able only to see a shark on the right because there is something else on my thigh that is covering the picture. I am able to see there is a picture there, but not able to make out what it is of, besides the shark. Seems the shark may have been coming out of the water with mouth open.


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