Two Hawks

A guy accidentally ripped off a portion of the back of a red barn, exposing the beams, which were horizontal. It was kind of in the shape of a river, soft lighting. He wasn’t sure how to fix it.

Me, and my mom, were walking somewhere in nature. Seems there may have been a type of covering in the section we were walking, but not absolutely sure. Two hawks flew over us, coming from behind. They came back, stopping within 5-6 ft of us. They were vertical, with their wings next to their bodies, and still in the air. They were there about 5 seconds, then left. I told my mom that there was probably a message in them doing that, but wasn’t sure what it was.

Steve, and family are living at a house, with the owner. Steve was then kicked out because his experience from being in the military were starting to affect him, and he was starting to get out of control. His family was still at the house, his wife being someone else with long brunette hair.

Mark was looking for a house in Colorado. Julie, me, and others (family?) were with him. The house we were at, Mark walked through with the Realtor alone. The rest of us sat on a shelf by the door, except I was standing. I was thinking, shouldn’t ? go with him since she’ll be living with him, but then thought that it was Mark’s money, and he’s the one buying.

I was then noticing shelving next to them that were arranged in separate shapes for putting shoes, or whatever. There was a coffee maker incorporated into it. (I don’t drink coffee, but see a lot of houses for sale that have this setup.)

Mark came back and said ? I think it had to do with his money going to this house.

We were then in a somewhat triangular room, with the right wall at a slope / slant. Julie(?) wanted the group of us (there were more people) to watch a movie in there. I saw plastic chairs in two rows next to the slanted wall, and a circular table to the left of them with chairs around it, and said it would be uncomfortable, and crowded, and would not go inside.

Somehow I was then at the ocean, and suggested we go swimming instead. I saw a couple of baby dolphins, and they had what looked like a surf / ironing board shape to them under their body that was part of their body, with a short connection between this shape and the rest of the body.

One of them came over to me, swimming behind me so that we touched.

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