Make Room

I am standing in a dirt parking lot. Dirt seems to be of a reddish brown color, and is level. Two spots open up, then one is taken.

Kyle has come to pick me up from being locked up in jail / prison (don’t know which), and as we are driving away, he mentions that those guys are nasty.

It had been a while since we had been together, and I was thinking how we were going to have sex that night. I was also comparing his stomach to another man’s.

We stop by a grocery store, and there’s a pet store / center in the back(?), where they have the displays of flowers, fruits, balloons, etc. They are euthanizing dogs to make room. Women, singly, are crying for them to stop, attempting to reason with them. One of the groups of dogs had a puppy.

One woman has brought her dog in a cloth shopping looking bag. I see an older woman worker (late 40’s/50’s, seems could be a smoker, with brown somewhat curly / wavy type hair) with her hand in the bag, in the dogs mouth. The mouth slowly loosens up, and the woman takes out her hand. Someone mentions to her, and young daughter (4?) that they came in with a dog, and are leaving without a dog. The daughter doesn’t seem to be phased by it.

This woman is then talking to someone else, standing in front of a display of ? inside of boxes. The daughter is in a cart to the right of this display, behind the mother. There are a couple alcohol / liquor (I don’t drink. Is there a difference?) bottles on the side of the display next to the daughter. I see her grab one, and put it in the cart(?). I mention to someone next to me to see what she was doing. She then grabs another, Vodka?, looking somewhat like a genie bottle, and as she grabs it, it falls to the floor, and crashes. The mother turns, and starts to walk toward her.

A worker, of the grocery store, has put a nickel in a cup, and gives it to this girl(?).

Your Thoughts

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