Even the Dawn

Before falling asleep, I saw a female nude, lounging on her right, with “devil” horns coming out of her nipples.

Something involving Mark, and balancing after having crossed ?, and him attempting to get me to take that last step.

I was in 4D instead of 3D when engaging in the conversation on Facebook about negativity.

I was at a house with the owner, a man, and his young daughter (9?). Everyday he would get a message on his answering machine, which had a blue light, from a lawyer. He would always listen to these messages even though he knew what the message was, and who sent it. I never heard it.

He eventually moved out, and another man, and daughter (about same age). This man had dark skin as if from Middle East / Pakistan / India. (I don’t know if he was from over there, or his parents.) His daughter had pale skin. I was over there one day, he had a party?, and standing out in back, I was telling someone how weird it feels here without Nicole Kidman.

This man also was receiving those messages from the lawyer, but wasn’t listening to them. His answering machine also had a blue light.

His daughter was having trouble with her stomach, and was having to continually go back to the bathroom.

I opened his fridge, and on the left side, there looked to be melted chocolate marble ice cream. I got a sponge, and took a swipe, wanting to clean it before it dried up. I then realized it was close to time for me to leave, so stopped cleaning.

I saw Whitney Houston(?) singing, on stage, at a profile, with a dress with “wing” sleeves, and somewhat poufy hair. She was singing last of the song, when emotion, and power kick in, singing the lines from the chorus, “even the dawn, It’s a mighty nice day. Even the dawn, It’s  a brand new day.”



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