I Am the Coach

I am on a military boat, not ship, since it wasn’t quite as long, in a pool. The water looks like a lime green, or perhaps it was green from the pool itself. (The water isn’t dirty.) The boat is bouncing back, and forth, at diagonals, hitting the walls. The movements weren’t harsh. There are teams of men, or teenage boys(?), encircling the control room / center. The coaches are wearing suits / uniforms to distinguish them as such. One such coach, an older black man, is saying, “I am the coach”, and I’m figuring something must’ve been said to him.

The house on the left(?) of us has been bought by us, and was starting to be remodeled. The house on the right, then, was bought by us. I went inside, seeing older pictures (like from the 70’s, 80’s) of several women all over, and also lots of figurines. Some were glass(?). I saw, by the door, something dark, made of dark wood, antique, leaning against the wall. I didn’t go over to it, so don’t know what it was. The shape was similar to a mandolin, but the body, and neck, were both a bit wider, and longer. Amy was in there collecting some of her own figurines she had brought over. I asked her if anyone lived here, and she said no. It looked as if whoever did live here, just up and left without taking anything. As I was looking at the door, two of the workers involved with the remodeling, came crashing through, almost destroying that dark object next to it. I was worried that they were going to.

I was at someone’s house for a gathering. There was a tiny, small, short, old, skinny woman there. She almost looked anorexic. She was telling someone /group about how skinny she was. As I was observing her, I noticed a shape of something under her shirt by her stomach. I figured she had had surgery, and had something removed.

She moved over toward a table that was in front of her, to my right, and started feeling with her heart. She went to the table, and sat down. She got out a pill, took it, and started feeling better. There was a Relief Society president sitting a couple of seats behind her. I was pointing out the old woman to her, but she wasn’t getting it, so I spoke up loud enough for her to hear the woman’s name.

I was on another boat, civil, i think. I was standing by the control room, but on the level above. There were several men at the controls. Their wives were up by me. They were telling me to call out to “Denny”, one of the men. It was so noisy, I didn’t think I would be heard. The women were telling me I would get used to the noise, and were mentioning it took them about a week to get used to it. One of them said she was pregnant while getting used to the noise.

Something about cats, but not sure what about.

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