Black and White

Horses had their “toes” cut off, but were still able to run, and have fun. (I had read about the maiming of Whippet dogs. As a side note, I just did a search for Whippet, and my last post showed up. šŸ™‚ )

I was to marry an evil man, but somehow got out of it. Amy took my place instead. They spent the night, after marrying, at the house. He had set up something for harming, but didn’t use it. As they were leaving, I was inside a doorway of a bathroom by the door, was quietly telling Amy that he was going to bind her. Her reaction was one of “So be it”. I noticed she had a bra inside her right coat(?) pocket. He said he wasn’t able to hear us, and mentioned to Amy something about coming back tomorrow for church.

I was frantically searching for something/one outside. There was something that I wished I had taken a picture of. There is a stage below me, ahead of me, to the left. People are acting, singing, wearing period(?) clothes. They started to sing a question I had asked.

I saw a man looking out a window. I saw in the bottom right corner, Disney characters from the early days, moving around. I went to have a closer look, and as I did so, they “disappeared”. It was as if they were in the glass itself. (I recently watched Superman.) What I did see, though, on the other side of the glass, were schoolchildren in black-and-white. I was wondering, ” How do they go from seeing each other in color, to seeing each other in black-and-white?”

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