The Whole Lot

I am outside, below a parking lot on a hill.  There are a couple other guys with me. There is a hose that runs from where we are, up to the top at the parking lot. One of the guys has water going up the hose, shooting out up at the top. The water is spraying over the whole lot. I mention this to him, in a way hoping he would get it, and shut it off. I don’t really see the people, but they are rushing to move their cars, and get away. I see lights of a security guard up on top. I mention this to the guys, I think. He comes down the diagonal pathway, from right to left, to where we are. I have already started to leave. The guard takes the guy(s), and I tell them that I warned them.

Somewhere with other people, having fun. One of the guys, I went to school with, at least in the dream. Wilhelm is there, and this guy points him out, calling him William. I correct him.

Your Thoughts

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