Gas / Mist

There was a female country(?) singer, with a beautiful voice, singing. She had her bangs so that they were covering almost all of her eyes. The rest of her hair was in her face. She had a bit of facial hair. I was amazed at the fact that here she was, even with the facial hair.


Outside with other people during the evening. There is a gas / mist in the air. I was wondering if it was from the earthquake (5.1).

To the left of me, I saw several news channel vans across an empty (parking?) lot, driving to the left. I pointed these vans out to the others. I thought about taking a picture of them, but decided not to, figuring they weren’t a big deal. They then disappeared.

Some electric company workers showed up, and were warning us. The gas / mist was slowly dissipating.

The lights finally came on. I saw in front of me, Christmas lights / decorations. The lights were the white lights. One of, or perhaps a couple, of the decorations was a lighted bear, sitting like a Gummi Bear. I was thinking how pretty they were.

(From March 28, 2014 that I forgot to write)

There were baby snakes, about the size of a tadpole, encased in a gel, jelly, like substance as the same as tadpoles. They were on my left shoe / foot, all in a bunch. I wanted to get them off, so for the sake of not wanting them on my shoe.


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