So Close

Back door is open, in the evening, and there’s a chance a man may come through and murder. The area by the door is dark. There are two people who were going to stay, but have found another place instead. Keeping the animals by the door for protection / sacrifice for us.

The word Somalia.

Cathy(from church), and I, are at a conference(?) in Dallas. It is over for the day. I find out that Cathy has turned gay, and her partner is Esther (ex-coworker). They haven’t seen each other for a while, and so they go back to the hotel, and the lights go out. I want to ask Cathy is she ever feels guilty.

An oil owner wants us (me & ?) to use his oil. It goes across the land in a line toward railroad tracks. He wants us to “dip” into the oil to use it. We don’t because there is a huge (wide & long, like an oak tree) dark wood pole being driven next to the railroad tracks in search for oil. There is a train passing by while this is happening. The pole is so close, I’m worried it’ll damage / disrupt / bump up the tracks, and harm the people.

Your Thoughts

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