Why Am I Doing This?

Owner of home is letting newspapers collect on front lawn, six of which are out of the plastic, in two rows of three side-by-side, lying flat. Sprinklers come on, getting all of them wet.

I am in the Middle East. The men, and women, are able to be together. I am thinking how it wouldn’t / didn’t make sense to have them separated.

People are sitting at desks (think school) next to each other, or front to front. I kept getting up and walking over to the desks to go check on something. Eventually, after doing this several times, I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”

One such instance of doing so, on my way back to my desk, I notice a man with his desk face front with the desk in front of him. He is bringing the other desk closer to him, as if it wasn’t already.  The person at the other desk, a man/male, is crippled. I am supposing the man is bringing the desks closer in case the crippled man needs help.


Your Thoughts

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