Obstructed Picture

Copy, and Paste There’s a hill with small black puppies. I have taken a couple home. One day when driving by, I am in the back of a truck with my legs hanging over the tailgate. A puppy sees us pass, and runs out to the street and follows. I pick him up. I am actually on my way to work, and am not sure what to do with the puppy, but circumstances arise that I am able to take him home. Couple other times passing by the hill there are a couple of baby deer curled up. One time … Continue reading Obstructed Picture

Contest Is Over

WWII….Germany….Hitler….Present Day….German word (don’t know if an actual word). I’m in a spacious white retail store. Inventory is minimum, but will be restocking over the weekend. A female worker takes me over to some (about 5?) large pastel(?) dresses that are hanging from the ceiling. She shows me one in front. In the back of the store, inventory is also down to a minimum, but is also getting restocked over the weekend (of course). The store had been having a contest, handing out ?, but was now over. There are two left over, up on the wall “in” their own … Continue reading Contest Is Over

Time Is Up

I was running through an open field, about the length of a football field, but a bit wider. There was a certain section Ali didn’t want me to go through. I was walking, with hands on hips, swaying them back and forth. Someone, a guy?, playfully pointed out how I was walking, and that my hands were on my hips. For a second I considered walking normal, but went with it, and kept walking how I was. Ali and I were somewhere where a lady was reading a small portion of a classic. (Kinda seems it may have been a … Continue reading Time Is Up

No Worry

(Night before I asked what my life purpose is) I was at a grassy hill, where the end had been “cut” off, attempting to pull myself up. I was grabbing spots to hold onto so I could get up. Finding a spot, I placed my palms down, and slowly, gently, pulled myself up using my arms. As I did so, I was noticing my muscles in my arms. I also felt someone from behind giving me a slight push to help me up. Also, as I was raising myself, I let out a loud noise, somewhat like a pregnant woman … Continue reading No Worry

In My House

Kim Basinger recently started/put out a new line of shampoos, and conditioners. They were lined up, one behind another, face front, as if on a conveyor belt, but standing still. The bottles were see-through, with the product being a somewhat shimmery light brown, like a root beer, or cola. Alec Baldwin was there, with a mediator (didn’t see all of but seemed to be a short older woman, such as the matchmaker in Fiddler on a Roof). Alec bent over to whisper to the mediator what he wanted to say to Kim. Kim kinda scoffed it off, as if to say she was … Continue reading In My House

We Can Go

(I asked for my dream(s) to tell me what the assignment was.) Before I fell asleep, I was told that I know a lot, and someone wanted to take my hand, and take me somewhere. Something about horses. Different cars lined up in a desert(?). I was in class, sitting on the left side up near the front, facing the wall with my back partially toward the teacher, not paying attention. I didn’t have anything on my desk. The teacher looked like the scientist from Nightmare Before Christmas. He wore somewhat thick glasses, and had white circles around his eyes … Continue reading We Can Go


Diana Barry, and her husband, and baby were at a park, with other people, lying on their blanket enjoying the day. I was noticing the beautiful smile of the baby. A free flowing microphone, with the cord, came by them, and she took the mic and announced that her father had an announcement to make. She then stood up, holding the baby in air while waiting for her chubby husband to get up. All the other people had disappeared. Did they go to where her father was / is, or did they take off? They had left their blankets behind. … Continue reading Announcement


Christmas time. I was at someone’s house, celebrating with them, and all their family. The lady’s house I was at, I was counting the children she had. She had 5 girls there, 2 of them twins, and 2 boys who were on their missions. The twins were the last, and were in their teens. They all had long hair, the older girls with darker hair, and the twins with blonde. They were all sitting around, with their backs to me, but it seems the twins were sitting sideways. The older girls were there with their own families. Toluca, a black … Continue reading Oprah


I was in the country, and saw a level building, on its own, with a sign (somewhat like the Budweiser sign, but instead of cinching in the middle, it came out on both sides) that had the words “Blue Steer” on it. Underneath the sign was an open door, the size of an auto repair shop door. The building extended to the left but didn’t pay much attention to how it looked. The surrounding land was flat, with a sense of a thin layer of straw/hay all over. Clifford, the Big Red Dog, is a sacrifice. I was in Bea … Continue reading Sacrifice

Looking Up

Flowers Kevin (?) Wagner (Name that popped in my head. Don’t know anyone with this name.) I was in snow (in the mountains?). It was in the morning, and I had just finished delivering newspapers(?). I walked down a hill to where a mansion was. There was a curved driveway in front of it with a curved brick wall on the other side. There were Christmas lights on the house and wall. I had on a thick blanket. I went over to the inside of the wall, and laid down next to the bricks to rest for a bit before … Continue reading Looking Up