Don’t Talk to Them

The screws in my glasses came out, falling in a vein of water(?, not sure, but keeps coming back to me that they did). I was looking at them, one rolling towards the other to the left, telling myself, “I need to make sure not to lose them.”

The screws are put back in, and after putting the glasses back on, they are crooked, leaning more so to the right. I nudge them back over to the left to correct / adjust them.

My mom was in a cardboard box the size / shape of a fridge box, taking a shower. I was wondering how the box was big enough to be able to so.

Someone was flipping the box, and after a couple of times, I told the person to stop because of my mom being in there.

I hadn’t taken a shower yet, or taken care of my face, because I was waiting for access to the bathroom(?).

There were some musicians, and I was being friendly with one of them. I was showing him how I can levitate when I’m on my knees. He was impressed / amazed.

The tub was a bit dirty, and it was someone’s job to clean it. When I got back, later, it had not been taken care of.


Something about a wedding ring?

(Ali’s dream)

I was telling Ali that I had released more trapped emotions. I was jumping up, and down, excited, and was saying that I was freeing myself. I wasn’t letting him talk.

Someone said that Middle Eastern men abduct women. I straightly said that I already knew that, and that I don’t speak with them. I then went back to celebrating.

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