One Lane Bridge

A couple of men have taken me somewhere. I am sitting in front of a phone on a wall (wall and phone on the right). They are urgently, adamantly telling me to call in, and report myself as insane. I powerfully tell them that no, I will not do it.

I’m in the passenger seat of a woman’s car. Her young (10?) daughter is there, in the passenger seat, also, sitting beside me. Her back is diagonal to her mother so that she is facing toward my side (I am next to the door). She is driving on a street / road that is vertical / steep. If it were any more so, it would be straight up. I mention how crazy it was to build it like this. She agrees. I am sorry that I don’t have my own car to drive myself.

She is about to turn right, to cross over a single-lane bridge, but stops. I see a car, which has come across the bridge, pass by us. She then goes. I wonder how she knows to go. What if there are other cars coming this way?

I look down, I’m guessing as we cross the bridge, and see another bridge, but with two lanes. It is 2, or 3, times higher than a regular bridge, and is long. I see cars on the bridge, but not distinctly. I ask if this was the only way to get across, or if there is another way, not being confident of the stability of the bridge.

After we cross, this woman stops the car somewhere, and gets out to get something. (There is no surrounding scenery.) She leaves her daughter with me who is o.k. with it, but not sure about it.

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