Chris Noth had an account on tumblr, and he was from Norway.

Jonathan, and Drew Scott, were in a restaurant in a hotel(?). A lady came in, who they knew, and sat at their table. Jonathan was hiding from her under a nearby table. She got up to do / get something, and while she was gone, they left.

I was walking along an open hallway(?), and to my left, I saw Drew in front of a brick(?) wall, shrunken (like the character on Beetlejuice, but his whole body). There was a slit in the wall, which had a small magnifier inside attached to the wall. Drew took out the magnifier, and started reading off some words to a man. The first word was “life”. No one was supposed to know about this. I said to myself, ah ha!, and kept walking instead of staying to listen to the others.

I was walking (in same building?) on the top story of a two-story church. It was late, 10 p. m. I noticed a square hole in the floor, big enough for someone to fall through, with the floor hanging. There were a couple of people, not looking, were able to escape it. I was about to leave it, but figured something needs to be placed around it to warn others. I saw some dark wood chairs(?), and placed those around.

I then saw that someone had brought up the floor. (I was thinking someone should below, and fix it to stay.) The edge(s) had “fringes” so it would stay up. After that, a blanket had been placed on top, with a rectangular plastic table placed on top of the blanket. A frosted cake, still in the rectangular pan, was placed on the floor beside the table. A lady stepped on the cake, wiping some of it off on the blanket. She was paying more attention to another female by the table, coloring in a cat, for a project, using Sketch Club on her computer.

It was time to be leaving, and we were needing to fill out a paper for our time spent there. I hadn’t done anything, but still needed to fill out my name.


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