Hanging On

Lights are (being) turned off in a building, except where I am, because it’s time to leave. I am with a baby, and toddler boy. A mother comes, and takes one of them (don’t remember which), wrapping in a blanket, and holding to her chest as she walks away. I want to say to her, what about the other?, but then think maybe this one doesn’t belong to her. A couple of people come to check on us, and we leave the building together.

I’m coming from ?, walking up to my grandma’s house. My hair is in a loose ponytail, with the sides out, and by my face, from being active. There are people on the sidewalk, and as I am walking up to the house, I wonder if these people are noticing my hair.

Still in the front yard, we are waiting for Cari to show up. She then shows up, driving a new white Toyota 4Runner, coming from the right. (My grandma’s street dead ends that direction.) She is driving a little fast, and as she comes up, she drives over a corner of some colorful flowers that are in the corner of the yard up by the sidewalk next to the driveway. (None are there.)

A camper / trailer / what have you, drives past, coming from the left. It looks like two of them hitched together. The street has now become a busy street. As this passes by, Amy points to it, and exclaims, “Joe!” (I don’t know any Joe’s.) The woman inside looks up at Amy, wondering what has her excited. This camper (etc.) slows down, and stops. I see a boy (about 10) holding on to a chrome bar on the side (like the ones attached to side mirrors when they stick out). There are people on the sidewalk at the point where the boy is. The mother looks at Amy again, still attempting to figure what was up, then looks back (in this case “back” is toward the front), and sees the boy. The boy then goes inside. The father comes out, walking along the passenger side, holding a McDonald’s cup. I’m thinking perhaps he is going to give it to Amy for pointing out the son. Instead, he sits on an empty trailer in the back, gesturing toward Amy to thank her. The camper then slowly drives off.


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