Previously Apartments

I am outside on a lawn area somewhere. There are newly born (old enough to walk) kittens from the neighborhood cats. I have one of “our” kittens. Travis shows up with his wife (pretty this time), and baby. They are dressed from coming from the church. They have brought three of their kittens. “My” kitten wants to play with them, but I hold on to it because theirs have fleas.

I see a dead kitten / cat leaning against a piece of wood(?), sitting up on its hind legs. The front left leg looks as if it is reaching out to something in front of it. The top of the shoulder looks to be cut so that the arm is separated from the body.

I am in an old French style two-story (are all mansions two-story?) mansion. Emily, as a young girl (9?), shows me her room. She has some pink furniture here and there. The room is shaped somewhat like a “T”, with the door at the bottom. I ask her why she doesn’t put up her computer. She says there’s no room. I point out that there’s lots of space, if she would assemble the furniture, and that a couple of desks are empty.

As I enter more, I see on the right wall, fittings for what looks to be for a kitchen. I then notice the floor, and that there are patches the previous owner had made, which were not flat. I mentioned that this must’ve previously been made into apartments.

(From April 8, 2014 that I forgot)

I’m texting someone on the iPod. My cousins from my mom’s oldest brother, think I am calling them, and that my voice is staticy. They’re calling out my name, and attempting to figure how to communicate with me. I’m hearing / seeing them, but pay no attention to them since I’m not on the phone, but texting.


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