Long Enough?

Policeman, couple inches taller than doorway, chewing tobacco, some of which is coming out of right ear. He is dressed with long boots, as if for horse patrol. He comes to ask us if we know where the sound of running water is coming from. We tell him no. He mentions something about poets needing water. He then leaves, changing into swim trunks somehow on the way, and gets into a nearby pool.

It’s snowing diagonally outside. The intensity changes. Windows are open, with a table below, inside. Small mounds of snow develop on the table. I’m really excited about this, and want to take a picture to show to mom.

Profile picture of a lady’s backside, on tumblr. She is wearing a light blue dress (bit darker than pastel). Her hair is long blonde, about 1/4 – 1/2 as long as Rapunzel’s. It is draped / resting on chairs(?) to show the length. There is another pic to the right, which I only glance at, of another lady with brunette hair about shoulder length(?), then go back to the other picture.

Poets(?). They know (emphasized).

Ali had bought me a truck, then took off, leaving the paperwork for me. I saw no other vehicles in the lot. The office was a trailer, like at construction sites. I parked the truck by the office. The parking space was “lifted”, like a mound (front tires were higher than back). The salesman was nice. He was wearing jean shorts. Before walking up the short ramp to the office, I asked him, “Is it long enough?”, meaning the truck bed. He said yes.

I had also gotten a new dog. He was there with me in front of the office. I put my head on his right hind hip, thinking, what messages does he have / will he have for me, and vice versa. I then looked front, and slightly to the right. There was a semi-enclosed field with dogs playing. My dog was also looking. As I started walking toward the office, I told him to stay. There were other people walking around, and only slightly feared him walking away / someone taking him. (Why I didn’t put him in the truck, I don’t know.)

After(?), I realized I had left my purse in Ali’s vehicle.

Someone was looking for something in the back of the truck. They were grabbing something, and I said, no, that was a cleaner.

(From April 9, 2014 which I forgot about, but keeps coming back)

There was a Hispanic guy who took a hose, and got his hair wet. A Hispanic girl came over to help him. He grabbed her from behind, grabbing her right thigh right below her butt. She told him not to do that because she already has a boyfriend.


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