Who Is He?

I was with my family. I was hearing about Greg’s death. (I was with my late husband when I heard.) I stopped talking, withdrew emotionally, and became sullen / melancholy. There were times I would walk by myself, and would stop, and start to cry, though not heavy.

At the church for the funeral, Briana was several rows in front of me. She turned back, and motioned to me that at home, she was able to see me across the street in my home.

There was a fluffy thing in my bedroom while I stayed at Briana’s. It was made of the same substance that a clown wig is made of, and was just as colorful. It was up against the wall, next to my bed(?). Her dad wanted me to fluff it up for some reason.

I was lying in bed, in my parents home, with Greg beside me. It was around 9 a.m. Bishop Powers came through a door that was near to the foot of Amy’s bed, which was next to mine, on the right side when standing. He was shirtless, tan, buff, and looked ready to go to the beach. His brother was with him, looking the same. (Neither of them look this way.) He told me we needed to talk. I got excited thinking he could help out my situation. I could at 10, or 10:30 so as to get myself cleaned up, but he said he needed to take off at 10:30. He then came over and sat at the head of my bed, with me at the foot. He said that Greg’s, and my, children would look like this. I wanted to say that Greg was my brother, but he kept talking, and I didn’t want to interrupt him. Since we were going to talk now, I figured my face was ok since I had worked on it the day before. Greg, and the Bishop’s brother then went through the door to the other room. Bishop then repeated to me what I had told him while Kyle and I lived in the big yellow house in Moreno Valley, and had worked for him (couple hours a week). I had told him something about paying him (the rent, but the house in waking life belonged to someone else) when (something about a door, and a hinge). He said this in a tone as if I hadn’t been serious. As he was talking, I was thinking that I had been serious, and was saying the truth. I kept a stoic expression as he talked. As we were talking, a girl came in, through a door next to the head of my bed on the left when standing, to tell him something, then a little later, an Asian girl came in. I was thinking, “Who are these people in my house?” This girl’s sister then came in, and went to the desk to the left of my bed (when standing), touching an Asian white type figurine, shaped like the Buddha. It was half hidden from being behind other things on the desk. The girls then left. Seems I may have been able to see a bit of the kitchen with door open. I then heard the Bishop’s brother say my name, and we both started to listen. He was saying how he had talked to me on the phone for a minute, or two, once. I started remembering this. We then got up, and slowly went toward the door to listen some more, when the door opened, and Greg, and the Bishop’s brother came through. Greg then came over to my bed, and laid on his stomach. Bishop’s brother brought in a several month old baby next to me, stiffened up a bit, and asked who he was. Greg picked up the baby, and started to answer, but I was waking, so didn’t get it. Ali was asleep during this time somewhere.

(From April 12, 2014)

Phone number. There were two 1’s in the last four digits either the third and fourth, or the second and fourth. I was emphasizing these numbers to someone, making sure they were getting it / had gotten it.


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