Not To Be Seen

(From April 14, 2014)

Remstaker…means not to be seen, in Norwegian, at least in my dream

I had done something, and some people were therefore after me to kill me because of it. Mom paid lots of money to some Norwegian men to protect me. But before they arrived, the people who are after me sent someone to get me. He drove up in a black super duty, lifted truck, with white diagonal (top on the left, bottom on the right) lettering here and there. I saw his truck disappear behind the left side of the house. I then hear the doorbell (which when I woke, asked Ali if someone had actually done so), and hid behind a chair / couch without making a sound, for I knew if I did, he would shoot. The front of the house has a picture window to the left with the door to the right, when inside.

I was at a high-end(?) mall with my family. The architecture, everything was grey. I told Micalanne that she was lousy, then went to hide from her. There were some stairs through a doorway which didn’t have any posting of them only being for employees, so I went there. They were spiral stairs, again grey, with a landing splitting the up and down. I sat on the second step going down. There were cubicles to my left, with workers in them working. I saw a long limbed, flexible man come up from the stairs in front of me, throwing / putting a ball(?) on top of the in/out trays that were there, and taking some paper with him.

Back with my family, someone had said that Greg had flipped out, insinuating because of his military service (he only made it through boot camp). We started looking for him, and when we eventually found him, he had calmed down.


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