Lion Chases Deer

My family is in some type of white elevator(?) looking thing, traveling through the atmosphere here, and in space. We are somewhere here on earth where a lion is chasing after a young deer amongst a wooded area. Judy gets out to use a phone booth we see that is in the midst of this. We cajole her to come back in so the lion won’t attack her. The lion doesn’t attack her, and perhaps maybe doesn’t even see her. I’m not sure if she was able to make the call, or not, but she comes back in. The lion and deer circle a huge tree, with the chase ending with the deer stopping and curling up under a concrete bench(?).

This elevator thing kinda moves on an invisible roller coaster, but only so fast as an elevator goes. I say that my favorite part is when we travel upwards.

There are sheep crossing a road, at the bottom of the hill it is on. There are cars coming down the hill, barely stopping / slowing down enough to miss them.

I am a missionary again at a members’ house for dinner.  The husband is, or looks like, Dr. Bradley Nelson. He and his wife have three young boys. The boys sit at the table, but the adults do not. The wife is even still cooking the last of the meal. The boys go off and do their own thing after a bit. The adults do also. The husband leaves, and changes, coming back out with boxers on. I’m wondering if / how he is wearing garments. He goes over by a wall, turning his back to me, and while doing something, lifts his left leg enough so that I can look a bit in the leg, and I see that he is indeed wearing the garment. I then see the wife wearing a mini dress, and suspect that she is not a member. They get in a disagreement, but the wife stays calm.

I am at Barbie’s home (only in the dream). She is younger (-10, or 20). A somewhat older man shows up in the backyard to be a guard, even though he doesn’t need to be there.

Back inside, there is a black trash bag. I open it, and see two Christmas presents for two women who come over to visit, and work (crafts?). I take them out, then ask Barbie if she wants the bag. She says, no, as if saying, “Why would I want that?”

I take the bag and put my things in it, as if i had stayed the night, or something. Sara(?) is going through my (costume) jewelry, and sees a colorful ring she likes. I tell her she can wear it, as long as she brings it back, since it is one of my favorites also. (It is one with those dangly little “balls”.) She puts it back, looking for something else.


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