Paid For Two

A man says that being paid for one book is good, but it’s better to be paid for two.

A perturbed guy has a professional check he is holding, still attached is the receipt, that has been made out to him for writings he has done. He’s standing between two people, wanting something on the check to be fixed. He holds up the paper to me to see, but I am a couple of feet away, so don’t see what he is complaining about. I then think that maybe I could send some of my poems to be published, and get paid for them, but then am not sure about the quality of my poems.

A young girl (9, 10) is in the air, vertical, propelling herself with her legs as frogs do. I then see her with a charcoal bow and arrow. She shoots it (at an animal?), but the arrow is only capable of going 6 feet, so it ends up just shy of the target.

I am in L.A. at Zac Efron’s house, looking at it from outside in back. I’m thinking it might be, or at least reminds me of, a house that was featured on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters: Renovation (the Spanish Fixer episode). I am then in the back room of the house, where it is semi-enclosed, but still open to the back. I lean to my right because of the sound of water. I see a fountain of water where a jacuzzi would be, sprouting water into the pool. (It is the pool, that if you’ve seen that episode, you can get a general vision of what I am seeing.) There are white blankets and pillows layered all over, Bohemian style. There are cats, and dogs lying around, enjoying being there, and having fun. Zac has a bunch of his friends over, who are (mostly) in the backyard, having a party. They don’t see me. As Zac converses with me, he playfully jumps around.

I am naked, and at one point, pull up a blanket to cover me, but take it off shortly after. Zac is lying by / on it, and mentions that there is sweat. I tell him I was a bit warm (my body is naturally warm). I ask if it’s a double blanket, pulling it toward me to look. I see that indeed, it is, with two blankets sewn together.

In the backyard with small green rolling hills, a man (Islander?) is wearing a big heavy blue coat. I think he has a metal detector. He says to Zac, “One of these days I’m going to catch you”, meaning, catch Zac having sex.

Zac then sucks on my left breast for a bit, then jumps around again. He then comes in front of me, observing my breasts. He then says that when he is up close, they look perfect, but when he leans back, they’re off. He says there could be some orange stuff in my left breast behind the nipple, and that I should have it looked at.

He then lies on me, stomach to stomach, pulling his penis up, and between us. He begins to suck my left breast, and I suck him. I start to get excited, gradually tighten my grip on his right arm up by his shoulder. He says he wishes he could stick / put it in.

I woke up with the lyrics, ” There must be some misunderstanding. There must be some kind of mistake” sung by Genesis / Phil Collins.


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