Coming To the Light

WWII(?) in Asian country.

Missionaries, and the Navy are involved with a project no one knew about, but is now coming to the light.

This project had been documented during the involvement with. (Is that how I should word it?)

Group of missionaries, 50 – 100 of them, walking along concrete path, having fun. They were not wearing their badges (don’t know if there were any back then), and the guys were casually dressed (there were females also, and they were mostly in dresses / skirts, it seems).

The President (leader) of the mission(aries) is talking to someone, answering questions, in Oriental language, while walking. He is casually dressed, wearing a polo shirt. He answers one last question, looks toward person, to his left, then opens a door, and walks through, shutting the door behind him.

I see signatures of these people (Navy included) in different spots. One of them, his first name is Cel, and has his military rank. The rest of his name, he has fun with, changing it up each time with a new name / description (of him), but / and everyone knows it’s always the same person.

Two pictures, of these same group of people, comparing them, and affirming that the same people are in both pictures.


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