It Isn’t Gone

(All parking lot scenarios are on same night)

Evening time, I park the car in a spot horizontal to a Stake Center, where I know I will find it later.

Whatever I came here for is over, and people are going out to their cars. I see several cousins from both of my uncle’s families. I see them individually, they not knowing the others are there. One of which is Jon. He sees me, but we don’t speak. I wish I had known these cousins were here so that I could gather them and take a picture.

I am in the parking lot. I see Jason with short bleached hair. There is another guy with him. I tell him it’s been a while since I’ve heard from him. They run away from me, needing to get somewhere, with Jason looking back, and smiling at me.

I don’t see the car. The space is empty, but I think to myself, “It isn’t gone, mom and dad have it. But if they have it, how did I drive it here? How did I get here?”

Beyond the lot is a small carnival going on. I notice it, not getting emotionally involved because I am more focused on the car.

I drive into a parking spot, making sure it’s a parking spot, and that I can park there. When I get out of the car, I see that instead of a parking spot, I’m parked between rows of parking spaces, even though I had checked first.

I drive into a parking spot, making sure it’s a parking spot, and that I can park there. When I get out, I see that I’m parked in a handicapped spot, even though, again, I had checked first.

Seems at one point, I was inside the building listening to the radio, and thinking it was ok to do so.

There is a lady in the passenger seat. (I don’t know why she’s there, don’t know who she is, but perhaps I’m taking her home?) We both have a small yellow square-shaped thing that has been placed on the floor behind us. I put my arm back, making sure hers, and mine, don’t get mingled.

As I’m driving out of the lot, I notice the people speeding out, and no one crashing. Jason(?) is in a royal blue car in front of me. I barely bump him because of not slowing down soon enough. I’m looking at the car, so I don’t notice if he registered it, or not.

It’s my turn to drive out of the lot. The cars on the street are speeding past. I speed out into the street without getting hit.

I’m with a handful of people, walking along the corridors of a senior center living center. The rooms are like an apartment. Colleen (Petersen?) walks in front of us, right to left, carrying a bag of dirty plates/dishes, just coming from a gathering of ? I think I say something to her as she passes, but she doesn’t say anything, only smiling, then opens a door and goes inside, shutting the door.

Somehow the group of us has gotten lost as to how to get outside. A worker points out a door by us just as we see it, and go outside.


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