Don’t Need Two

(Night before, I asked why some people believe in reincarnation.)

Dean Jones, and Ray Walston(?) were always together in crime fighting movies, except the Herbie movies, during their 20 – 30 year acting career.

I was somewhere where there were huge, heavy, decorative dark wood doors. They had vertical overlapping slits, like blinds that are open a little bit. I was thinking how Ellen had previously been here involved with some program.

I was at Ellen’s place, in her white spacious rectangular room. Her girlfriend (on the masculine side) was not there because she knew Ellen was meeting someone. Ellen was slowly taking off different pieces of what she was wearing, and suggesting I do the same, after she had. Although I wasn’t too sure about it, I did anyway. Ellen had gotten down to a slip(?), and I to my garments. Seems my Aunt Barbie may have walked across the room during this. Also, Ellen had turned on some slow listening music during this. After we were down to the basics, I asked her what her girlfriend would think. She then became a bit serious, with a look on her face as if she had been caught, and slightly hung her head.

There was a huge, big buxom statured lady (the kind that instantly comes to mind when someone mentions Russian / German / Swedish women, but not burly like those) standing next to some clear plastic rectangular tubs, which were about chest high. Inside the tubs were St. Patrick’s Day buttons, one of which was with Charlie Brown leaning over slightly, and kissing the right edge of the button. There were a handful I liked, and wanted, that didn’t mention anything about being Irish, so I starting grabbing one of each. This lady leaned a little toward me and suggested I take two (of each). I responded that I didn’t need two.

She then said, standing straight so others, right there, could hear, that there was a plot of land in Ireland reserved for the burial of those who did not “make it” here in America. It was a disgrace to be buried there.

I then pronounced Ireland two different ways, and asked her how she pronounces it. Her voice then got a bit deeper, and she started to elongate the first syllable. (I started waking up, so didn’t get the rest.)

(Ali’s Dream)

There were thousand’s of people out in the open by mountains / rocky, grassy area. Then all of a sudden, a storm appeared with tons of rain, and wind. The earth was having a tremendous earthquake. All of the people were being tumbled, as if in a washer / dryer. Ali then prayed, “God, help us.” The weather calmed down. Only a handful of people survived. I somehow had on a spare of clothing, drying out the others on rocks. I thanked Ali for praying, and mentioned how he usually prays silently (which he does).


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