That’s Disgusting!

(Night before asked if Enoch (Bible) is Metatron. I heard someone suggest this possibility.)

Before falling asleep, I saw a man throwing a football.

There was an audience sitting on stadium seating watching a black father (tall, skinny, wiry some, 60 – 70), and his son (also tall, some weight somewhat like a football player, only saw from back). There were two barbecues to the audiences left, one a commercial grade(?), and a smaller on to the right (when looking at them from front). There were hamburgers on both, though not sure if any other meat was on the bigger one. As I walked past the big one, I noticed some on the top were burned a bit.

I had walked past both, and turned around to face everyone. I saw the father take his chin, and traced around the edge of one of the burgers on the smaller barbecue to show how tough he is. I thought to myself, “How disgusting / gross that was.”

Back at the father’s house (he was successful from selling the burgers), there were lots of family around, no children. All they did was party, drink, and do drugs.

I was somewhere where there were men of a Mexican family sitting on what was like seating found in a sauna. All around them were magazines of skimpily clad women. I climbed up to a space up on the right. I was disgusted at seeing these. (Why did I stay?) They said something to me(?), and I responded(?).

I was in the country(?) where there was white dirt(?). A man was on a horse, with a cow behind, chasing after something to my left, toward a tree area. Not sure what he held in hand, and don’t think he got what he was after. After he stopped, the cow was down on the ground.

I walked toward an area where was a swing set, without the swings. On the ground I saw two bundles of money under some rocks, knowing they had been left by a man who had been a helper but had left. I called the man who was on the horse to come over. He came over, and picked them up.


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