Movie Was OK

The government was keeping everyone prisoners in their own home / property. We had furniture stacked up in a doorway within the home, which we had to climb over to get to the other side. I thought, “Why don’t we move the furniture out of the doorway since the government isn’t able to see inside”, and so we did.

Ali had some guys over at night / evening walking around the house to show them for painting. I was outside, in the back, by a huge tree which had its roots above ground, covered by leaves (maybe some moss?). I really had to poop, and being somewhat cautious, squatted, letting some come out, thinking no one would know who it had come from.

Being scared staying there, not finishing, I went back inside, knowing there was a possibility of getting some on my garments, but couldn’t be concerned about it.

In the bathroom (from teenage home) everything was out in the open, because of the painters, even a big pot.

As I was walking through the kitchen, there were lots of tea candles, in glass holders, among other things, on the counter because the lights / electricity were off. One candle was lit.

Outside the medical compound, it was freezing, and icy. There was something going around killing couples. A young woman, in her 20’s, had a male patient, in his 50’s, who she had come to care for. She was at the desk, a couple of nurses were in his room (glass doors?) when several other nurses hurriedly came. She turned, and quickly went to him.

This woman married several days later to a man who was a little bit older than she. They went to Europe on their honeymoon. They were having a great time, though she would at times become emotional and start to cry. She would then catch herself, and stop. Her husband would remind her that he was only a patient, and that she needed to let him go.

Back at the compound, the doctor, in his 60’s / 70’s, drove out of the compound in his older (80’s / 90’s?) white Jaguar. What was seen on his driver’s side rear bumper, was some green stuff. Those who saw were surprised it was him who was unknowingly spreading this killer around.

In a meeting about this killer, I / someone mentioned, to the one in charge, what had been seen. The others gave a look as if it was not to be spoken about.

I was telling a couple of people the movie (about the medical compound) was ok, but that it was similar to one that Angelina Jolie had been in.

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