Resemblance, But No Relation

(Night before, I asked if Master Teachers / Ascended Masters (excluding Jesus) were real)

I, with a handful of people, came to a huge mansion (almost) as big as a castle. It had been empty for some time. There was a mist of fog covering around the top. This was the model home (as when a new development of homes are built).

The master bedroom was up on the top floor. Not knowing how it would look, someone grabbed both doors, and quickly opened them in anticipation. It was beautiful, and untouched.

Once inside the room, I wasn’t too sure about how solid the floor was. It did hold a bed, but knew that at some point, it would need to be worked on because it felt a bit “spongy”.

There were two small rectangular windows, one above each side, with a dark wood “door” covering each, which could be lifted up to be able to see outside.

Jon was there, and as he was lying on a / the bed, he accidentally broke a rail (?) that was attached to the left side (when standing).

We then decided to go down the circular stairway to see check out the rest of the house.

I was somewhere, with someone who looked like Kyle. Kyle was rolled in, on a hospital bed, and I mentioned to someone else how much they resemble each other, but are not related. Kyle didn’t notice me, and I also mentioned how I didn’t want to get his attention in case it might agitate / upset him. I also had the knowledge that he had already passed on.

(Ali’s dream from April 28, 2014)

He had gone back to Somalia, and his family wondered why he had done so, calling him crazy for doing so. People there were attempting to kill him, so he hid under a bed (remember, he’s in Somalia), which wasn’t helping. He ran all the way to the border, crossing over into Kenya. He looked bone thin. There were some people who fed him. He eventually made it back to America.

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